My brief stint with matcha has evolved into something neither of us anticipated – the aroma, hue, and ritualistic whisking to create the sought-after layer of foam has enchanted me, for a time (in praise of short-term love). I’ve been spending time working as a barista and getting trained in the art of matcha at a local Japanese tea house. It’s a fine way to spend the better part of my evenings.

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This has been a fun experiment – roasted cacao beans are delicious and versatile: I’ve eaten them raw, grounded them up and rimmed glasses with them, and made simple syrups, teas, and hot chocolate out of them. I think these will stick around.

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Cheese has been a fascination of mine for some time. My penchant for it began in early childhood; my indiscriminate taste and the incredible array of potential pairings led it to be (more than a) staple in my hedonistic diet. My relationship has since changed (aged, matured) considerably: I mostly hear the Sirens’ song when the cheese is lauded as regional, representative, fresh, funky, personal.  I switch between finding the texture appealing and appalling.  This might just be a phase, but there is no way of knowing until time has passed.
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Hello friends! This is an overview of what bread is, and the steps involved in its lifecycle. It is meant to serve as a jumping-off point.

The historical significance of bread is remarkable; in its many forms, it is and has been the most widely consumed food in the world. From linguistic expression [the best thing since sliced bread] to historical faux pas [“Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”], the staple food remains highly regarded and prominent in our culture and diets.

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